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Monday – Friday  8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

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Call (262) 251-0600 prior to picking up your vehicle

Our new location is:
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Requirements to release ANY vehicle

  • Registered Owner

    Vehicles are released only to the registered owner with proper identification. If the registered owner is unable to pick up the vehicle in person, a notarized letter from the owner releasing the vehicle to another individual is required. This letter must include the registered owner’s name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, vehicle description with vehicle identification number (VIN) and the name, address and phone number to which the vehicle is being released to. A copy of the title or registration of the vehicle is also required.

  • Proof of Ownership

    Current Registration or Title.

  • Proper Identification

    Valid driver’s license that matches registered owner.

  • Payment

    Please call the business office  (262) 251-0600 during regular office hours before picking up your vehicle for the total due and acceptable methods of payment.

  • Authorization to Release

    If your insurance company will be taking care of the towing and/or recovery and storage fees and the removal of the vehicle, Roskopf’s requires the authorization of the registered owner to release the vehicle.  Please call the business office  262-251-0600 for further instructions.

Requirements to release personal property

  • Personal Property Release

    Personal property is released only to the registered owner with proper identification. If the registered owner is unable to retrieve their personal property, a notarized letter from the registered owner releasing any personal property to another individual is required. See requirements for notarized letter listed above under registered owner.

  • What is Considered Personal Property

    According to Wisconsin state law, personal property is “all property within the vehicle which is not mounted, attached or affixed to the vehicle.” You may remove personal property such as CD’s, umbrellas, garage door opener, etc., BUT NOT the license plates, battery, tires, radio, etc.

  • License Plates

    If you authorize the release of your vehicle from our facility, the registered owner has the choice of keeping the license plates on the vehicle or having Roskopf’s remove them. Menomonee Falls Village Ordinance No. 118.23 (f) states “upon proof of ownership of a towed vehicle, the licensee shall provide to the owner personal property…. with the exception of components of the vehicle such as license plates, tires, wheels, batteries and radios pending payment of the towing and storage charges.” When payment is made and the vehicle is being picked up, Roskopf’s will remove the license plates off of your vehicle and call you. You may pick up your license plates at the front office during regular business office hours.  Please advise us at the time of your authorization to release the vehicle if you want your license plates or not.


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